51st Gawad Parangal

51st Gawad Parangal

May 1, 2010 – More than 500 Gentriseño honorees trooped to the General Trias Cultural/Convention Center for the annual Gawad Parangal. Already on its 51st year, the Gawad Parangal which is divided into four groups namely Gawad Mojica, Gawad Salgado, Gawad Vibora and Gawad Labong, aims to recognize the achievements of Gentriseños in the field of education.

The venue for the said event became filled with graduates coming from different schools from elementary to college, as well as those who passed the board/bar examinations with ranks. They all came either with their parents, relatives and friends who proudly showed their love and support for the honorees.

Reverend Father Oliver Leaño Genuino or Father Oly as he is fondly called was the guest speaker for this year. In his speech he asked the honorees to grab every opportunity, he also stressed that not all municipalities gives recognition to its constituents for their achievements, therefore he said, “You must continue to bring pride and honor to General Trias.” Father Oly finished his speech by singing “Kailangan Kita” much to the delight of the honorees and the audience.

This event would not have been possible without the support of our beloved mayor, Mayor Luis “Jon-Jon” A. Ferrer IV, Vice- Mayor Fernando “Totie” P. Campaña and the Sangguniang Bayan Members, as well as the collaborative efforts of the different departments.

May the Gawad Parangal serve as inspiration to its recipients as they continue in their journey to wherever their dreams may lead them.

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