Gen.Trias 262nd Foundation Day

Gen.Trias 262nd Foundation Day

December 13, 2010 – There is a saying that “to know the people, you must learn their history”, for the past is the mirror of one’s present and a glimpse of their future. “Sulyap sa Kahapon..Kaunlaran ng Bayan Ngayon” , the theme for the 262nd Foundation Day of our beloved town, General Trias.

Founded on December 13, 1748, the town was given its official name by virtue of RA 2889 thru Emilio P. Virata, a native of this town and then representative of Cavite to Congress in honor of General Mariano Closas Trias. General Trias is a hero of the Revolution and elected vice president of the Revolutionary Government.

The foundation day was celebrated through various events which includes Talinong Gentriseño, Old Photo Contest, Mass Baptism, Blood Letting, Gift Giving, Eucharistic Mass, Wreath Laying Ceremony and the launching of the first ever Valenciana Festival.

Through the able leadership of Mayor Luis “Jon-Jon” A. Ferrer, the Sangguniang Bayan, and the support of Cong. Antonio “Ony’ A. Ferrer, Gentriseños were given a chance to shine and show who they truly are.


It was early morning and the normally quiet town plaza is bustling with activity. The sound of rhythmic music is being played over and over, everyone seems to be in a hurry, excited dancers in colorful costumes fill the plaza, the glare of lights from GMA 7’s morning show “Unang Hirit”, who was there for the live telecast brightened-up the place and best of all the smell of freshly cooked and delicious valenciana wafts through the air. It is December 13, the town’s Foundation Day and to make the event truly Gentriseño, the first ever Valenciana Festival was launched.

Valenciana, a dish made of rice, vegetables, chicken, pork, coconut milk and annatto seed (which gives this cuisine that distinct orange tincture) is a food staple in baptisms, birthdays, weddings and other special occasions in General Trias. No celebration is complete without this town cuisine favorite. So, it is only fitting that the town gives recognition to this peasant dish that continues to please our palates.

The task of cooking the Valenciana for the festival was given to the Senior Citizen Chapter Presidents who gamely and willingly obliged. Clad in their Filipiniana costumes, each one came with their own version of the dish placed in large vats and covered with banana leaves. Town residents were given the chance to taste the dish and even joined in the boodle fight.

The highlight of the festival was the street dance competition wherein participants from both public and private high schools were invited to perform a dance that would depict everything about valenciana – the way of cooking and the ingredients needed to make this wonderfully filling dish. All the participants enthusiastically danced to the beat of the music, because aside from the trophy and cash prize that awaits the winner, they are making history for being part of the first ever Valenciana Festival. Everyone had a great time watching each performance, particularly our special guests from Singapore, the Sri Warisom Said performers who came together with some members of the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company. The Academy of Saint John and Fiat Lux Academe tied for the first place, while the Santiago National High School bagged the second place. The celebration was capped off with the arrival of Marian Rivera, who came to promote her latest movie.

It was a day to remember, as Gentriseños took pride in sharing the culture and history with the rest of the country.

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