General Trias: 5th Most Competitive Municipality in the Country

General Trias: 5th Most Competitive Municipality in the Country

by the Local Communications Group-Gen. Trias

Last July 30, the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) released its report on theMostCompetitiveCitiesand Municipalities in the country.  The ranking was based from the following criteria: economic dynamism (business registration, employment, growth in gross sales, financial institutions, etc.), government efficiency (revenue collection, investment promotion, crime incidence, educational capacities, health services, etc.) and infrastructure (road networks, accessibility to basic utilities, health facilities, tourism-related establishments, etc.). Cagayan De Oro topped the ranking for cities whileSan Franciscoin Agusan Del Sur ranked first among the municipalities.  This report was further validated byBatangasStateUniversity.

Clearly, efforts of the local government to continually improve the status of General Trias in its various aspects such as business activity, employment, efficiency in public service and infrastructure development are paying off.  Aside from the honor of being included in the top five out of the 1,491 municipalities in the country, the ranking will also help General Trias in gaining more investors as they tend to do business in areas with stable business environment and generally good status.  More investments will also mean more opportunities for the GenTriseños in terms of employment, entrepreneurship, and overall development.  Thus, the good news hits several birds in one stone.

Also in the top five most competitive municipalities are Guagua (Pampanga), Carmona (Cavite) and Daet (Camarines Norte).

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